Vission and Mission


Sahabat Anak’s Vision

To show street children that they are valuable as people created in the image of God.


Sahabat Anak’s Mission

To involve as many people and groups as possible to care for the street children and be their friends who show love at all times

“Based on an Ancient Commitment”

Sahabat Anak began in 1997 with the first Jambore Anak Jalanan (JAJ, “Street Kids Jamboree”). After the Jamboree, it was a group of volunteers, made up of students and professionals, who recognized that one of the essential needs for Indonesia’s urban children, especially for street children living in Jakarta, was education. Education is a fundamental element in breaking the poverty cycle. Education creates opportunities for children to elevate their economic status, while also helping them develop self-esteem and a positive self-image.

Without financial or legal support or any other fixed facilities, the organization grew out of the volunteers love for Jakarta’s urban poor and their enthusiasm to make a difference. Over the years, members of SA have learned the intricacies of working together, while serving the children. Through all the work SA does out in the field, they have come to understand the challenges and realities of life on the streets for Jakarta’s urban poor. Life on the streets for Jakarta’s children is difficult and many grow up in a complex environment. However, most children still have the drive and determination to envisage a better life for themselves. It is through these experiences that SA has determined that Education is a key in breaking the poverty cycle. As most children find it extremely difficult to attend school SA has focused its attention and resources on providing informal education to those unable to access formal education, while also tailoring the education to best suit the unique needs of the children.

Sahabat Anak Principal of Service

SA servants believe that every human being is God’s most noble and precious creation, and is equal before Him.

Sahabat Anak is open to all volunteers who agree with the Principal of Service.
Sahabat Anak is a community based organization that serves the marginalized communities in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

The Spirit of Sahabat Anak

Sahabat Anak is an organization that aims for a service that is humble, with high levels of commitment, consistency and loyalty. We aim to improve the self-esteem and talents of those less fortunate, who are the street children of Jakarta. We also recognize that each human being is God’s most noble and valuable creation.


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