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The Street Children’s Jamboree (SCJ) was held for the first time in 1997 and was coordinated by Beny Lumy. KDM Foundation was the initiator of this event and invited young volunteers from various universities located in Jabodetabek, such as UI, ISTN, and UKI. The Jamboree was attended by 200 children. They came from various areas in Jakarta such as Blok M, Kota, Cililitan, Pedongkelan and Cikini. This very first SCJ was held at Cibubur Camping Ground with the theme “Human Beings in the Image of God” and took on a very simple theme of commemorating the National Children’s Day on July 23 by connecting street children with those who would care for them.

After the event, the volunteers gathered and did a follow up event on Independence Day. They also designed a school system for street children using the facilities from KDM’s board house in Pondok Gede.


The second SCJ was held again at Cibubur Camping Ground under David Panjaitan’s coordination with the same theme as SCJ 1997, “Human Beings in the Image of God”. The total number of children and chaperones (kakak) were about the same as the year before. The follow up projects from this SCJ spawned a Study House for the children in the Kebun Sirih office area, Jakarta.


The 1999 SCJ had more variety under Alles Saragih`s coordination, although with the same theme, location and number of participants as the previous years. The follow up project from this SCJ was called Sahabat Anak Care. The concept was to visit the street children area and to provide tutoring, mobile library, nutritious food, and free medication.


The theme for the 2000 SCJ was ‘I am precious’. The Jamboree was led by Lina Tjindra, and 300 children attended. The follow up project was to start regular tutorial sessions (bimbel) for the children in Prumpung, East Jakarta.


At the beginning of 2001, the Formation Team was established. Its members were Beny, Lina, Alles, Lanny, Lucy, Fabio, Ino, Ian and Maxeca. These nine young people committed 5 years to the SCJ committee and developed annual SCJ themes until the year 2005. They facilitated the formation of committees and follow up teams for after the SCJ. The 2001 SCJ had the theme, ‘I CAN MAKE SOMETHING’. This SCJ was coordinated by Lucy Siahaan. The location and number of participants were similar to the previous year. The follow up project after the Jamboree was to start a tutorial program in Grogol, this was led by Frisca Hutagalung.


Carlo Sitompul led the 2002 SCJ with the theme “Me, Art and Sport”. The SCJ venue and the number of participants were about the same as the previous year. The follow up project gave birth to the SA Manggarai Tutorial Classes and also the start of tutorial classes for the children in Gambir station near Monas.


Using “Me and My Environment” as the theme, this SCJ was coordinated by Nikolaus Widjaja. The 2003 SCJ was held at the Ragunan Camping Ground. The theme was about the environment, and the committee invited participants to visit the Ragunan Zoo. At this SCJ the total number of participants exceeded 300 children and almost 200 kakak (volunteers). The project that came out of the 2003 SCJ was the formation of Cijantung Tutorial area.


“Me and IT” was the theme. This time the SCJ was led by Lanny Manullang. The 2004 SCJ was held back at the Cibubur Camping Ground and had a totally different concept. In line with the theme, the Jamboree was filled with scientific experiments and competitions. These activities were extremely interesting for the children. No new tutorial programs were formed this year after the SCJ. However, the focus for the 2004 SCJ was to maintain the existing tutorial areas which were in need of more volunteers. In January 2005 the Formation Team was dissolved as they had completed their commitment.


At the beginning of 2005, the Formation Team held an evaluation meeting for two days at Lucky’s residence. The conclusion of the meeting was that with all the successful outcomes, the Formation Team was now too small to manage all operations effectively. Therefore, it was evident that restructuring was needed and a new team was formed called the Outreach Division, under KDM’s supervision. The Outreach Division was a team with a much clearer objective led by Imanuel Nanulaitta (Ian). In March 2005, only after a few months, the Outreach Division changed its name to Sahabat Anak (SA) Division, a name which was able to capture the essence of the organisation.

Ian resigned in May 2005 to finish his studies and was replaced by Alles Saragi. As a result of the restructuring of the organisation, there was rapid progress. Financial Standard Of Procedure was applied, a SA website was launched, the annual meeting was held, SA acquired full-time staff members, a SA bank account was opened, regular fund raising events were held, a new tutorial class (Tuesday Tutoring) was formed, and SA developed new partnerships. 2005 also marked the end of the 5 year plan which had seen the beginning of the Formation Team.

The 2005 SCJ was coordinated by Jhonly Singal. The theme was “Let’s Learn” with the aim to motivate street children to keep on studying despite their life circumstances. This SCJ was very memorable because it was held outside of Jakarta for the very first time, at Kinasih Camping Ground. The number of street children who participated reached 350 children. All the children came from the different SA tutorial areas. As a result of the 2005 SCJ a new tutorial area began in Gambir. It was also in 2005 that an informal school for teenagers unable to access formal education began. It was called the Children’s Activity Centre (Pusat Kegiatan Anak - PKA). It began as a response to teenagers who attended the SA tutorial areas, who wanted to study more. SA found that they needed something more than just once a week tutorial classes.


2006 was a pivotal year for SA. We saw a significant growth in the organization. SA started the year by creating a board, led by Beny Lumy, to provide strategical direction for the next 5 years. SA became a legal foundation. The organization`s principals and visions were finalised. The Children’s ActivityCenter was approved as an alternative school concept after the government`s approval of SA as a legal organization. With the rapid growth in SA`s activities and services the volunteers felt the need for the Capacity Building Program. This program would provide the needed training for the volunteers. The Public Relations team became more aggressive in campaigning and making known SA’s service and in gaining more public support. The financial system grew in sophistication and the accounting system provided clear and transparent reporting. This year also brought more clarity to SA’s organization, in terms of its relationships with its Regional SA Centers. SA developed partnerships with several organizations and the SA movement was gaining more and more exposure. SA programs were seeing more success as they became practical and based on real life experiences. At the end of the year, the SA Olympics were held to demonstrate the children`s athletic achievements.

The name, Street Children Jamboree, was changed to Sahabat Anak Jamboree (SAJ) in 2006 and was coordinated by Elia Nenoharan. The theme for the 2006 SAJ was children’s rights. This theme will continue to be used over the course of the next five years. The theme, Children’s Rights is an important topic and the promotion of children’s rights is very much needed by the street children of Jakarta. This theme also displays SA’s concern for the fate of all children inIndonesia. SA was no longer only talking about how to care for children, but began to take steps to fulfil the needs of marginalized children and to help children fight for their rights.


This year the SAJ was held for the first time at Mekarsari Cileungsi. The number of children who participated hit a record number of 700 with volunteer and committee participants reaching 300. This meant that the total number of people participating reached 1,000. The theme for the 2007 SAJ was “Protect Me”, and Herry Sebastian was the coordinator. After the 2007 SAJ, the Tanah Abang Tutorial classes began. These tutorial sessions are located near the Pejompongan water dam area, which is quite dangerous during the rainy season. Under Fabio`s (the SA Director) leadership SA strengthened its development programs and volunteers through the Leadership Course and Read-Write-Calculate Course. 2007 also saw the beginning of the Scholarship Program which allowed studious street children to return to school or attend the Children’s Activity Center – an informal school for teenagers who are unable to access formal education.


The very first Sahabat Anak Day was held at Kridaloka Senayan. Following the declaration of the Sahabat Anak Movement by the chair committee, Sitta Manurung, the Governor of Jakarta Mr. Fauzi Bowo opened the event and raised the flag to start the “Walk of Love.” “Fun-stages”, musical story telling, puppet shows and many other activities filled the day. Many of the children reached by Sahabat Anak and partner organisations attended and walked alongside children whose families support Sahabat Anak. In July 2008, the theme “Me and My Dreams” was announced for the next Jamboree, which was held at Ragunan Camping Ground. Rolof Satriyanto`s was the coordinator for the 2008 Jamboree. This theme reminded the children that they can dream to become anything they want. This does not necessarily mean that they must dream to become an engineer, doctor or other academic professions. It means that they can also dream to become a chef, a hair stylist, a make-up artist, a musician, a writer, or a farmer. These professions are also worthy professions and can provide a good living. In 2008, the Mangga Dua Tutorial area also officially joined SA.


In an effort to keep spreading the movement Sahabat Anak held the “Shoes for My Friends” program, which was led by Rolof Satriyanto. The program involved the public to donate one pair of shoes and two pair of socks with the aim to provide socks and shoes to 3,117 children living in 37 marginalized communities in Greater Jakarta. More than 20 organisations and communities were involved in this movement. Visit http://sepatuuntuksahabatku.wordpress.com to learn more (however, there is no English translation). The 2009 Sahabat Anak Jamboree was themed “Me & My Country” and was held in July at Buperta Cibubur. The Jamboree was attended by 700 children and 350 volunteers and was coordinated by Vicky Sylvanie. This year, Senen Tutorial Classes became independent and formally no longer under Sahabat Anak.


Nutrition was the main message during 2010. We began 2010 with a program called “Nutrition for My Friends” in commemoration of National Nutrition Day. The program was launched on the 25th of January and we invited the public to donate Rp 50,000, which would provide regular nutrition for a child for three months (http://nutritionformyfriends.wordpress.com). Several organisations also joined us in the Sahabat Anak Movement to help fulfill one of the basic rights of children. Also early in 2010, the SA Cijantung Area opened Kemala Hijau, a transit house for street children who live around Pasar Rebo. At the transit house they are able to participate in Guitar Classes, Jimbe Classes, Computer classes & Library classes. In April, SA Grogol opened the Kindergarten School for street toddlers. The 2010 Jamboree was held on July 10th-11th at the Ragunan Camping Ground with the theme “Nutrition for My Friends” and was led by Guntoro. 700 children, 350 volunteers and 100 high school students participated in the 2010 Jamboree. Simisim led the Nutrition Program until the end of the year and SA was able to reach out to 1,924 marginalized children in Jakarta and 500 children living in the Merapi Volcano refugee camp.

This was also the year Sahabat Anak became an independent and official social organisation called, Yayasan Komunitas Sahabat Anak Jakarta.


“A Child’s Right to Play” was the theme for 2011. This began with Sahabat Anak Day, where SA invtied the public to donate toys for children living in marginalized communities in greater Jakarta to help fulfill their right to play. Up until July 2011, the program, led by Mutiara Nathania, successfully gave out toys to 1,929 children in 31 areas by involving 23 communities.

The Sahabat Anak Jamboree, led by Wenas Saputra, was held on the 2nd – 3rd of July at the Ragunan Camping Ground and had the theme “Come Out and Play My Friends!” A new record was broken with 1,100 children participating. They came from the Sahabat Anak tutorial areas, partner organisations and 30 transit houses in DKI Jakarta. The event was also supported by 700 volunteers (chaperones, organizer, crew and guests). DKI Jakarta’s Social Service also supported the event. After the Jamboree, the volunteers started a new tutorial area for the street children living in Kota Tua, North Jakarta.

2011 also saw the end of the Strategic Plan 2006-2011 period. All of the board members, staff and volunteers of Sahabat Anak gathered to determine the goals for th e next Strategic Plan 2012-2016 period, which is: “That Sahabat Anak would continue to be a driving force in the Sahabat Anak Movement by involving numerous committed volunteers until every street child’s rights are fulfilled.”

At the end of 2011 Sahabat Anak joined hand in hand with Yayasan KDM to reach a shared long, term vision together, that is to provide a holistic service for marginalized and street children.


“A Child’s Right to Participate and Express their Opinions” is the theme for 2012. This theme was launched on Sahabat Anak Day, 17 February and will be the underlying concept for the 2012 Sahabat Anak Jamboree (7-8 July 2012) with the theme “Share Your Dreams!”.

Early this year, Kota Tua Tutorial Classes officially joined Sahabat Anak.


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